The pool garden

The pool garden is planted with a range of plants known to have had many uses in the house such as pot pourri, insect repellants, air cleansers, washing and clothes freshening. The four borders are planted around a central rose (Rosa gallica officinalis and Rosa gallica) which are known to have particularly fragrant dried petals which were important for pot pourri. Other plants for this purpose included lemon balm, lavender, southernwood and fennel.

Plant list

Botanical Name Common Names
Ajuga reptans Bugle
Anthemis nobilis Roman chamomile
Aquilegia vulgaris Columbine
Armeria maritime Thrift, sea pink
Artemesia abrotanum Southernwood, Lad’s love
Artemesia vulgaris Mugwort
Artemisia absinthium Wormwood
Balsamita major tomentosum Camphor plant
Bupleurum falcatum Sickle-leaved hare’s ear
Centaurea cyanus Cornflower, Bachelors button, Bluebottle
Chrysanthemum segetum Corn marigold
Festuca glauca Grey fescue
Foeniculum vulgare Fennel
Galium odoratum Sweet woodruff
Geum urbanum Herb Bennet
Helleborus foetidus Setterwort
Helleborus niger Christmas rose, Black hellebore
Iris germanica Purple fleur-de-lys
Iris germanica florentina Orris
Lavandula stoechas French Lavender
Linum usitatissimum Flax
Lonicera periclymenum Common honeysuckle
Lysimachia vulgaris Yellow loosestrife
Melissa officinalis Lemon Balm
Mentha pulegium Pennyroyal, Lurk in the ditch, Pudding grass
Nigella damascena Love in the mist
Nymphaea alba White water lily
Plantago coronopus Bucks horn plantain
Primula elatior Oxlip
Primula elatior hose-in-hose Hose-in-hose oxlip
Pulicaria dysenterica Fleabane
Pulicaria dysenterica Fleabane
Rosa gallica French rose
Rosa gallica officinales The apothecary’s rose. Red rose of Lancaster
rose of Provins
Rosa x alba maxima York rose, The Jacobite rose, Great double white
Ruscus aculeatus Butchers broom
Ruta graveolens Rue
Salvia officinalis Sage
Salvia officinalis purpurea Purple sage
Saponaria officinalis flore plena Soapwort, Bouncing bet, Farewell summer
Tanacetum vulgare Tansy, Parsley fern
Tolpis barbata Milkwort, European umbrella milkwort
Verbascum thapsus Aaron’s rod

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