Community Garden news

WAR DECLARED IN COMMUNITY GARDEN….The last few weeks have been a constant battle against rabbits and assorted birds. We grow it, they eat it. The worst damage has been done by the rooks landing on and breaking down the broad beans, then carrying off the pods to feed their youngsters. I lay awake at night […]

To Japan and back

Modern travel is such a strange thing. One minute I am here, at Cressing Temple, gardening away merrily, then within just a day’s travel I am over the other side of the world, seeing sights and having experiences that seem so far removed from the day before it was more like a dream. And just […]

Happy Easter!

Whilst we have been admiring the birds and wild flowers to be seen in the walled garden, today might be good day to reflect on what life would have been like at this time of year for people back in medieval and Tudor times. Most medieval homes were cold, damp and dark. When spring came […]

All a bit fishy

The AGM on 24th March rounded off another busy and successful year for The Friends Group. Following reports by our Chairman and Treasurer there followed the election of a new treasurer,  two new trustees and the report on the garden. We concluded the meeting with a presentation of the main achievements of the heritage lottery […]

March in the Community Garden

What a difference a year makes! February saw nearly 3 weeks of unseasonably high temperatures and can you believe that on the 26th (a year after experiencing the Beast from the East) we had a temperature of 17 degrees and we had to water the whole plot! The temperature was so high that some seedlings […]

Ready for spring

The start of March already and the recent spell of unseasonal weather has made it feel more like May.  I am jolted into the realisation that spring is upon us and there are still several winter jobs to get done. My optimism at the start of autumn, with that long list of things we could […]

February in the Community garden

Now we’ve entered the new year, even though the weather is cold, damp and downright dismal, the daylight hours are increasing and Spring is within reach, the seeds for the coming year have been ordered and the new growing season can soon start. February means we can sow more broad bean seeds outside, weather and […]