A smelly week

With the warmth and and fragrance of summer herbs and roses well behind us, this week has been filled with more autumnal aromas, and not all of them pleasant! It was time to give our fishpond a thorough clean out, following a summer of very poor water quality. We knew there were fish in there […]

A thriving apiary

What a fantastic year it has been for our bees and their honey. Thanks to all the hard work of our beekeeper, Jan French and ably assisted by our chairman, David Andrews, our honey has scooped three awards this year: We are delighted with this recognition and feel very proud to have such a healthy […]

Apple Day 2017

A fantastic day, with record numbers of visitors and a lovely family atmosphere. Here is a medley of photos to remind you of the event or show you what you missed.                          

Autumn leaves

I feel like breathing a huge sigh as we move into autumn and the stresses and strains of keeping everything going through the summer months gradually recedes. It seems the trees do this too, as they relax and allow themselves to drop their heavy burden of  leaves, giving us one of the best treats of […]

Apples, apples and more apples

I am very fond of apples and always enjoy this time of year when I can select a different variety from our trees every day to enjoy with my lunch…….Well, up to a point. Like every harvest glut, the novelty can soon wear a little thin and the enthusiasm for finding new ‘ways with apples’ […]

Harvest time already

Is it just me or is autumn upon us rather early this year? Already the apples are falling off the trees and we were busy in the orchard today gathering up all the windfalls. If the weather hadn’t been so warm it could have been October. The top quality, blemish free ones will be stored, […]

To Athens and back

Sorry for the gap in my regular posts but I have been away on a rather exciting trip to Athens and back, via Milan and Florence by train and ferry! Here is a glimpse of where I went and what I saw: The Duomo in Milan. View from the top. A beautiful structure and a […]