The exciting news for this week is that the site has re-opened to the public and just in time for everybody to see the garden as it reaches its peak! For the time being, public access is to the grounds and walled garden, with the tearoom, visitor centre, barns and other buildings remaining closed. Opening […]

Jumpers on jumpers off

The last week has been such typically British weather – changeable! There have been moments when three jumpers were needed and moments of none. It made me think of one of the things I like best about going on holiday to warm sunny places (distant memory!), which is knowing that you don’t need to pack […]

Spoilt for choice

May is such a glorious month. Most plants have woken up and now they are having a real stretch! If you stand still for long enough I swear you could watch them grow. And it is breathtakingly beautiful. From the cow parsley along the verges to the Irises in the garden and the fresh new […]

Time to get weeding

Having spent the whole of April longing for the merest drop of rain, mother nature has decided to dump what has felt like our whole months allocation in the last couple of days of the month! April showers have felt more like April downpours, making us very grateful for the gardener’s shelter and the polytunnel. […]


It is the tulips that have stolen the show this week, the glorious sunshine making them glow in all their rainbow colours. Our mix of tulips for this year was Princess Irene, Couleur Cardinal and Havran. Somehow a Spring Green has sneaked in too, or maybe it was a leftover from last year. Either way […]

April showers

The only April showers we have had this week were the ones created by our garden sprinkler. Not to miss out on an opportunity, mother duck came in  for a taste of ‘virtual rain’ in our pond! Refreshed and invigorated and maybe contemplating a bit of egg sitting next? This lack of rain is becoming […]

Easter greetings

It seems so hard to believe it is Easter weekend in so many ways. Firstly we are all locked away and unable to see our friends and families as we normally would and secondly this weather has felt more like mid June than the beginning of April! I can’t remember when it last rained and […]