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WAR DECLARED IN COMMUNITY GARDEN….The last few weeks have been a constant battle against rabbits and assorted birds. We grow it, they eat it. The worst damage has been done by the rooks landing on and breaking down the broad beans, then carrying off the pods to feed their youngsters. I lay awake at night thinking up recipes for bunny burgers and rook pie!
On a less stressful note, the garden is picking up after a spell of dry weather followed by welcome rain. The winter veg have all finished and the ground prepared for new crops. Some spring cabbage and winter caulies still remain.
We’re now starting to see the fruits of our winter/spring work: asparagus and rhubarb provided early pickings, broad beans are plentiful and the first new potatoes dug on 6th June (“D”ig Day ). Strawberries are also showing the promise of a good crop.
Early June means that any tender plants can be set out in the garden ie courgettes, cucumbers, pumpkins and salads, whilst the polytunnel is well ahead with tomatoes showing two trusses of fruit and peppers, cucumbers and courgette all well advanced.
The “no-dig” bed already has strawberries, raspberries, blackberry and gooseberry plants showing promise, along with courgettes and soon to join them, pumpkins, big and small.
Watch out for the opening of the shop soon selling our produce. This year we have new signs which hopefully will make more people aware of out opening times on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
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